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English Poetry

Void – the result,

It gnaws at my skin


Into the darker areas


Brutal blows of thoughts


With every gasp,


The very life’s blood


The will;


Abundance – the root.







  1. priyal says:

    d poem can still travel miles..i hope u create tat journey

  2. shalu says:

    Void… is wow poem Preeti 🙂

  3. seema.sahaa says:

    The title looked promising the poem…..could have been better….

    • Preeti Datar says:

      As a rule I do not edit, not poems atleast. I may re-write it in a totally new style in future. Hopefully you will find that more promising.

      Thanks as always for commenting 🙂

  4. rajdeep says:

    full of emotions, intense,
    it made the picture infront ov ma eyes, while reading,

  5. bpurabi says:

    sorry you left with just one word-AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hemant says:

    really nice poem…….

  7. krishna says:

    Intense. Read it again and again but failed to understand as to what you really wanted to express. I could see the pain but not the cause of it or the solution for it….

    • Preeti Datar says:

      Krishna, I believe in providing a picture especially in such a style of poem. But since everyone interprets poems differently, I respect your opinion and will keep that in mind while penning another one 🙂 ‘clarity’…

      • krishna says:

        Clarity exactly is the word.
        But perhaps sometimes ambiguity has more scope to explore than clarity. In that way you are right in what you are saying.

  8. Ravi Rajbhar says:

    realt its a nice poem & your well writing..

  9. Vishvnand says:

    Void and all its manifestations, created by and due to abundance,
    Great feelings & very true.
    Beautiful poem

  10. ULHAS says:

    Yes intense, but tell me what you wanted to convey…….I am lost………I dont want to write something fancy unlessely……

    I believe that every peace of art is meaningfull and open to interpretation, like they do for poems in school books.

    So if you educate me, I will appreciate it better……..You know that I like your poems a lot…………………………………

    Do email me…..uk_ulhas@yahoo.co.in

    • Preeti Datar says:

      Ulhas, yes, you’ve a been a great appreciator and critic of my poems and i do appreciate it.
      This poem was a spur of a moment poem when I felt like I do have everything, yet there is a void….(caused by abundance…). This void doe ssome funny things to me – alters my thoughts, takes me into the dark and leaves me unwilling (read, alterns the will)…I hope you get the jist.

  11. parminder says:

    The void, the lost feeling and a certain sadness, is very apparent. Abundance, the unusual culprit! Lovely expression! INTENSE!

  12. Gion Gion says:

    read this so many times to understand it and gave up.
    Then I felt something very personal to my self when I looked at one more time in whole but not reading line by line.
    I’ll take this experience for myself from this poem,
    thank you,

  13. vartika says:

    its gud… i liked it…. infact i cud relate to it too… liked d way u have put it fwd in form of broken phrases…. it lends an effect that suggests d poem is an aftereffect of a void….

    a very mature one frm u…..

  14. raj says:

    Preeti..this was a very mature form of art from you 🙂

    Voids…the greed, desire and lust drive us to metamorphise in bubble. The bubble moves with pride…and there generates the Void.

  15. sahitya sambhav says:

    yes,,,VOID ,,,,, it eats into the vitality in diverse ways..am sure every sensitive reader who happens to read it will certainly identify himself with this emotion. there are still certain VOIDS which are unspeakable.difficult to codify in poetic diction,it can be only spoken by the silent language of the heart and understood by an equally sensitive heart. intense poem ,should be read with deep involvement,very compact and hence teh effect is total .

  16. Ankur says:

    this is beautiful..preety! i really loved it..

  17. Ankur says:

    this is beautiful.. preety. i really loved it.

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