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Hindi Poetry

Nadi ban, bahoon mein mast
athkheliyan khaon parvat ke samast
chanchal man, yowan tan,
idhar udhar ithlaon mein.

Dekho gussa na dilana
paagal mujhko na banana
ek baar jo bifar gayi
haath naa phir mein aaongi.
kar ke nasht sabh rodo ko
aage badti jaaongi.

Rukna meine sikha nahin
bandh naa mujhko paoge,
bahon mein bharna joh chaho
haath se fisal mein jaongi.

Samjha kyaa hai tumne mujhko
aazad nadi hoon mein
behnaa mera kaam hai
rukne se anjaan hoon mein
nadi hoon, ek
shital, al-har nadi hoon mein.



  1. kamleshkumardiwan says:

    parul nadi से tulna कर कविता likhi है ठीक है शुभकामनायें

  2. kamleshkumardiwan says:

    parul nadi से tulna कर कविता likhi है ठीक है शुभकामनायें
    kamlesh कुमार diwan

  3. Vikash says:

    आपकी रचना अच्छी है. लेकिन एक बात कहना चाहूंगा:
    “athkheliyan khaon parvat ke samast
    chanchal man, yowan tan,”

    इन पंक्तियों में कुछ शब्दों के प्रयोग थोड़े गलत से लगे मुझे. अठखेलियाँ ‘खाऊँ’ की जगह ‘करुँ’ होना चाहिए था. इसलिए “समस्त” शब्द का प्रयोग भी अनुचित लगा.

    साथ ही तन ‘युवा’ हो सकता है. तन ‘में’ यौवन हो सकता है. लेकिन “यौवन तन” नहीं.

    आपके कविता के भाव अच्छे हैं. आशा है कि आप मेरी टिप्पणी रचनात्मक रूप में लेंगी.


    • Parul says:

      written in hindi font 🙁 sorry unreadable fr me.. kyaa aap apne vichaar english font mein likh sakte hain.. mera pc padh nahin paata hai hindi font ..
      takleef ke liye maafi..

  4. vartika says:

    पारुल हम भी विकाश की बात से सहमत हैं…. समस्त की जगह आप कहीं समक्ष तो अन्हीं लिखना चाह रही थी?

    आपसे अनुओध है इस रचना पर पुनः ध्यान दें, तो ये एक सुंदर रचना हो सकती ही… 🙂

  5. Vishvnand says:

    If you would like to post Hindi poems, it is quite advisable & necessary that you post the poem in Devnagari script, for which the facility is available at this site.
    Please get the proper fonts installed on your PC, even if it is an old one.. For this I don’t think you need to change your PC at all.

  6. Reetesh Sabr says:

    Dear Parul, after reading ur poem and all comments, i just want to make u comfortable..so writing in English. 😉
    But for sure I hope you would find a way out to update ur PC by making it unicode active. Its no rocket science these days. Any computer professional can help u.
    As regards ur poem, the thought is superb and I got the taste of it too.
    But as I aslo love to see a hindi poem in devnaagri..I lost some of its flavour as the words were not properly sounding.
    Also the choice of some words as people mentioned earlier has to be reconsidered.
    Hope my comment would add quality to your all approaches.
    I wish u the best dear.

    • Parul says:

      thanks for yr soothing words.. n yes fr also commenting in english…
      will defiantely upgrade my pc soon…
      till then will post only my english writes..
      then sometime later will come up my hindi writes in “devangiri” 🙂

  7. Parespeare says:

    very nice poem Parul
    liked the thought immensely
    when you type on this website in english, it gets displayed in hindi
    i have composed my hindi poems through this website

  8. Ek Sheetal Alhar Nadi.
    You have passion, power & current,
    Keep it Up.
    which gives us sheetal nis-kalank bijleee
    Bijlee for which no body will cry of polution
    Kshiti, jal, pavak, gagan all remain magan
    enlighten the whole world with yr current

  9. Parul says:

    hey thanks a lot… that ws very sweet…. 🙂

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