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In Light & in Dark

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English Poetry

The street in daylight
Makes for a picturesque sight.
Cobbled footpaths on both sides
Drain flowing below they hide,
Lined with plants, flowers and trees
They all sway in the gentle breeze.
The lush green trees rise tall
Bowing as an overhang on the road
Welcoming one and all.
To the right side of the street
Is a huge bungalow
Standing tall for past glory
The charm it radiates is mellow.
To its left is a lake
It’s velvety blue glittering in suns rays
Tranquil, pure, heavenly presence it makes.

The street at night
Makes for an eerie sight
When you walk alone on the cobbled footpath
Your shoe makes a tic-tack sound
You turn to see if any stalker is around.
The drain flowing beneath gushes and gurgles
Your muscles tighten as your stomach churns.
The plants, flowers and trees are fast asleep
Did you just see a shadow peeping from behind it?
The trees that bow overhead stretch their arms
They creep slowly towards the road and try to hold you
Strangle you before dawn unfolds.
The bungalow sleeps amidst deathly silence
A light flickers inside and goes off at once
Just its faint outline lingers on.
Ripples spread on the calm black bed
‘Intruder! Intruder! ’ up ahead
They chant the hymn in the full moon night;
How different a Street can look
In day and night!


  1. Asma says:

    nice descriptive poem… loved it!…

  2. medhini says:

    Wah! Splendid with vivid imagination.

  3. seema says:

    A beautiful comparison of the scene at night vis-a-vis day…good flow and rhyme….

  4. Tushar says:

    nice poem…
    you are a true artist

  5. rajdeep says:

    wht a gr8 imagination preeti
    gud write

  6. Vishvnand says:

    Very nice poem
    Liked it immensely

  7. dr.paliwal says:

    Good one Preetiji….
    Good poem with excellent imagination..
    Liked it…

  8. Preeti Datar says:

    @ everyone : Thanks 🙂

  9. vartika says:

    looking at ur works, i always wonder how can some1 be so creative…. i should better say so diversely creative… 🙂
    u make a simple thought so unique…

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