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Buried Dead

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English Poetry

When Two Pieces Of Broken Heart Cannot Be Glued,
That’s When I Die Waiting For You.
Bury Me, Like They Do To The Dead,
But Don’t Put Me In A Coffin
Bury Me In Your Heart Instead.

At Least I’ll Be Dead And Have Peace Ahead
Knowing I Sleep In The Very Place I Always Chased.
Because All I Ever Wanted Of You
Was To Give Me The Key To Your Heart.
And I’ve Got The Key Today, But…

…The Love Is Silenced And I’m Buried Dead.
Buried Dead…

(17 September 2006)


  1. Asma says:

    nice one, preets… quite intense… i remember reading it before…


  2. Ravi k Rajbhar says:

    very nice & wonderful …..lovely..

  3. seema says:

    The first stanza is very well written…and also provides a clear flow…raising expectations of similar flow in the second stanza… which does not live up to expectations..

    Over all a nice concept …

    • Preeti Datar says:

      @seema, Hmmm….I’ll keep that in mind and try to read the whole poem in one go and try and locate mis-fits and not-good-enough stanzas from next time on. Thaks for the honest opinion 🙂

  4. dhananjay says:

    very nice indeed…..

  5. renu rakheja says:

    Agree with Seema: The 1st para reads beautifully not the 2nd one.

  6. Vishvnand says:

    I agree, the poem is complete and a class in the first stanza itself. The second one according to me is not necessary. It then leaves one with manifold interpretations of ones own.
    Liked the intense idea & the poem immensely

  7. medhini says:

    A nice poem with intense feelings.

  8. dr.paliwal says:

    Preetiji Good poem,Good concept…
    1st stanza is best one…

  9. Preeti Datar says:

    @Renu/VV: THanks for the obeservation and opinion. Will be more careful and precise next time around 🙂

    @ Medhini/Dr. Paliwal: Thank You so much 😀

  10. vartika says:

    hmmm… beautiful…. appeals to the heart

  11. Ulhas says:

    First para is a gem…………..absolutely “Absolute”.

    You are great……..but preeti the second one….”kuch jama nahin”…..rewrite it, if you can but if you feel is right, then leave it………….

    You are simply great…..you know what your style and renu’s style is totally different and both are good writers…..

    Cheers to you…

    All stars for you…= 5

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