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Crowned Poem, English Poetry

One evening after work
groping in the mailbox
for messages, letters from nowhere,
my fingers encountered
sprigs, twigs and eggs.
A bird had nested
right inside my mailbox.
Annoyed, I cleared it all
except for the eggs.
Later in the evening
a squall had me out
hastily gathering, clothes left drying.
In the garden, hopping
in clumsy hurry, was a mainah
balancing in its yellow beak
twigs and slender sticks
heading for my mailbox
laboriously to rebuild
the cosy nest I had wrecked.
My vision blurred in the heady showers,
the message I had missed
quite clearly I read
in the incongruous nest
hidden in the wooden box.

A trespass, an encroachment
that escaped prosecution,
a slow persecution
through a decimation of its habitat
leaving no room to nest
except in wooden post boxes
nailed to concrete walls.



  1. kalawati says:

    very touchy poem ma’am

  2. Seema says:

    A very sensitive perception with a strong message underlying it.. very well expressed too.. excellent!!

  3. renu rakheja says:

    Good to be reading your poems after a long time.
    So true…and said with such simple and elan style

  4. Vishvnand says:

    A very beautiful poem indeed.
    Immensely enjoyed reading, the lucidity, flow & feelings conveyed.

  5. aPOorV says:

    something so true and sad….. put beautifully

  6. medhini says:

    Very sweet and sensitive poem.

  7. Nitini says:

    Hi mam..

    is this your original creation?
    My apologies Because i have come across almost similiar poem with same title about a decade ago in my high school..can you please pass on the name of the author.

    • neerada says:

      Indeed it is an original poem.Well, it was part of the English course materials in several text books.The British Council used it for a poetry workshop and the CBSE for its qn paper.

  8. Anamica says:

    Are you certain this is your own poem?

    Because I learnt it a poem in my fourth grade in School. And I’m pretty sure it was anonymous back then. Why then, didn’t you make a claim for it?

  9. I had Read this way back in 2008…. in my school english text!! it was anonymous back then!! don’t know if its really yours!!

  10. neerada says:

    Yes this poem is in many text books.Its really mine! Why the doubt!
    Anyway thanks for reading it and more so for doing it in school. I understand OUP is using it again , they hve takn my consent for it.
    regds neerada

  11. IShaan says:

    What is the rhyme scheme of this poem

  12. neerada says:

    Hi Ishaan
    Thanks for reading the poem
    I wl hve to read the poem to see if there is any rhyme scheme at all.I dont think I meant any .Just read and enjoy.
    regds neerada

  13. Vinod Patil says:

    Respected Madam,
    This poem of yours was included in the 10th std English Text Book of Karnataka Syllabus. The poet was unknown to us still now.Now I am happy to know.

    • Neerada says:

      Hi there!
      Thank u for ur response…
      Wasnt aware of its inclusion in the Karnataka syllabus.Cn u give the name of the publishers who used my poem didnt even acknowledge the writer.

  14. Vinod Patil says:

    Karnataka State Board. Madam I will be teaching this poem this week, this will be the tenth year of teaching it and last year, next year the syllabus is going to change, It was great joy , pleasure teaching it, the message is conveyed in a very nice way. Mam Thank You.

    • Neerada says:

      Hi Mr Vinod
      Thanks for your kind observations.I am so glad to know u enjoyed teaching it to young students.So nice of u to acknowledge tht the poem left a good feeling in u.Readers like u make it worthwhile writing too.

  15. Sunny says:

    It is a very inspiring poem. Told my friends about it at office lunch today when someone complaint about the mess birds make. Glad to know the author.. Neerada. Thanks again.
    I read it when I was in class VIII

  16. Vivek Ganatra says:


    It is very nice poem. I read it at the age of 28( now ) , when I guess it is very difficult to find birds around our homes and offices. Miss those sparrows. Sunny ( in the above comment) told us all about this poem in the office.

    Thank you for writing this.



    • neerada says:

      Hi Vivek
      If u want to see birds…u got to look around …hard…I admit they are a vanishing lot.Thanks for the nice comments.

  17. k s sasikala says:

    Dear ma’am
    It indeed is a very nice and touching poem.How we miss things happening right in front of our eyes!Just too pre-occupied with ourselves and don’teven see the intense struggle for survival by other beings.

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