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Dew & Bird (acrostic)

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English Poetry

Two short acrostics for Prompto! Enjoy! 🙂



Daffodils, they awake to you

Easing into the morning sun

Wishing to attain your sublime state.



Bravely soaring in to the sky

In awe every poet writes of

Romance of the heights-

Dreams certainly aren’t too high!






  1. dr.paliwal says:

    nice lines preetiji

    Certainly Dreams aren’t too high!
    If one is optimistic & desires to fly in the sky.

  2. medhini says:

    a nice poem with a nice idea, Preeti.

  3. seema says:

    Simple and sweet…how about an acrostic on debits and credits…will help you prepare for your finals! LOL

  4. VishVnand says:

    Beautifully presented, pleases the heart,
    Dew and bird are here, waiting for your next.

  5. vijay says:

    so nice & simple 🙂

  6. rajdeep says:

    Ya very sweet simple and so nicely written

  7. sonal says:

    Very nice poem.

  8. sahitya sambhav says:

    ‘daffodils’ do create a ‘sublime’ state,and ‘dreams’ have great ‘heights’ yet we try to scale this height ,nothing impossible for a dreamer..nice lines indeed written witha simple intensity.

  9. vinod says:

    Nice… i loved both!

  10. Reetesh Sabr says:

    Amazing! I didn’t know this form of poetry…Thanks Preeti, i got introduce to it through your lovely poetry.
    Needless to say, this dew that bird is my favourite now.

  11. Rudy says:

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