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English Poetry

( I do not know what to call this post. I have put it under “uncategorized”. Would greatly welcome comments of esteemed members on this post, how they find it & suggestions)


For so many years now,
I have been feeling remorse,
At your nagging me,
At finding so many faults with me,
Sometimes for no valid reason
Wondering why do you do that to me,
Why I don’t do that to you,
Even when I see a fault in you,
Well, may be it’s my nature that way,
And I love you, respect you very much,
I don’t want this small thing to come in our way,
May be I want to show to you,
I am a more dignified, more gracious,
Tolerant human being than what you are.
And I love you very much.
If so, than why ‘you’ nag me,
Always find fault with me,
This means you really do not love me…..!

And this thought would non-plus me,
Often make me resentful, upset,
Sorry with apathy & pain.

But an incident changed me
It made me think laterally,
Think from a totally different angle.
Clear thinking like a crystal,
Why does she do this to me?
I realized, it was because,
Her total attention, total concentration,
Was fixated on me,
I was her everything, her total world,
She did not distinguish between me and her
And it was, as if, her responsibility to see,
That I was really, really good,
A flawless personality, “according to her”
Which was most important to her…
She wanted to do everything in her power,
That was good for me, again “according to her”
(Which she would often mention to my annoyance)
In the process, exposing her vulnerability,
To be called cruel, envious and what not
She did not care.
She was not selfish for her,
Did not mind if I or people felt,
She was nagging & demanding,
For no reason, was not a good human being
Unlike me who was always wanting people
To call me good, friendly & nice.
I clearly realized like a bolt from the blue,
She did love me very much,
More than what she loved herself
Much more than my love for her,
Without any hidden agenda, unlike mine

This love was very different from,
Mothers’ love for her son,
Which unknowingly or in confusion,
I was always tending to compare.
I felt nice.

Things have remained the same,
But I am very much wiser now,
I do not take her nagging seriously,
Rather pat my back quietly for her doing so,
She does not know, but I know,
She is bewildered at the difference,
And is trying to figure out
The change in me, by herself.
& may nag me for this change too
But now, I do not care….!…

Please do not try to guess the incident,
Responsible for this realization,
Such Incidences in life will be galore,
Different for different individuals.
And I won’t tell you the Incident.

By the way, she is calling me,
She has not seen this write yet,
But she will know the incident,
The moment she reads this,
And the cat will be out of the bag…!

I wish everyone be lucky,
To journey through such realizations….!

. —-“ VishV nand”——


  1. Preeti Datar says:

    I like the concept here, the questions, the answer and hence the realization. But the poem is just too long to read and not attractive enough. Editing to shorten the length and making it crisper ‘say more in less words’ will definitely help.

    • VishVnand says:

      Preeti Datar,
      Thank you for your profound comments and advice.
      Firstly, I feel glad that the title & the subject is accepted. Because you know why…!
      I have understood what you are saying. I thought, I should do full justice to evolve the situation, the questions, what was deliberating in the mind, and the resultant answer/solution emerging.
      So the write is longer. I could not condense it. Moreover, you know, I was handling English & not Hindi. And possibly, I was not worried about nagging on this score while writing.
      Of course, the last 3 stanzas, which have just got added for fun, can be straightaway deleted, without any effect on the meaning of the poem, and what is wanted to be conveyed.
      May be this explanation is also too long. Couldn’t help.

  2. shalu says:

    Sir, its a nice long poem, but like Preeti said if you could make shorter or maybe part one and two.

    But on the whole it was really a very nice poem.:)

    • VishVnand says:

      I feel very happy for your appreciation.
      About you other observation, I have tried to explain my problem and point of view in reply to Preeti.

  3. ULHAS says:

    beautifulllllll…….love nags you just to show that it cares……

    Why all the poem at the site are simply superb….

    Great sir…….beyond doubt……

    Stars = beyond 5

    • VishVnand says:

      You are fantastic. It is amazing.
      You have covered this whole long poem and conveyed the entire essence of it in just one line, that too a short one.
      “Love nags you just to show that it cares”
      I can’t believe it; and that I am just musing over this beautiful sentence, you won’t believe, but it is true.
      I wish Preeti reads this. I am feeling relieved. She wanted the poem to be condensed.
      Thank you so much for all your other observations, but this sentence is a class apart. Great write. Thank you.

  4. ULHAS says:

    surely long but the flow pulls you along

  5. Parespeare says:

    very well written VishVnandji
    may be needs to be condensed a bit

  6. parminder says:

    Wah Vishva Ji, mazaa aa gaya. And yes, I agree with you, wives are like that, their whole attention is towards family( husband first) and any appreciation he gets is their pride, hence – nag. Glad you got it and I am sure ma’m will enjoy the composition. I did. Lovely

    • VishVnand says:

      Thank you so much, Parminder ji, for your comments. They have made me feel very happy & delighted.
      But just look at this out of the ordinary one liner on the whole subject from Ulhas, conveying everything.

      “Love nags you just to show that it cares”

      What have you to say for this one.

      • parminder says:

        @VishVnand, The line is the whole poem condensed and conveys a simple fact. But, everybody at some stage or another understand this, and, kya uss line ko padne mein woh mazaa hai jo aapki kavita mein hai? Also. incidents stated add to the spice.

        • VishVnand says:

          You are right Parmindar ji,
          The Line looks a beauty, after reading the poem. Perhaps this whole poem is that I was in search of such a line, and the fact is that if I would have struck such a line, probably I would not have written the poem at all. The thought itself is so enlightening. Hope you will agree. And I also hope Ulhas would not mind, for we are discussing his line without his permission. I am simply too pleased with that line, I must admit.

  7. rajdeep says:

    sir bhai wah
    aap to aap hai
    kya kahe
    dil se likhte hai or hum apki har rachnao ko dil me piroke rakhte hai
    wah sir wah
    nicely written

    • VishVnand says:

      Thank you so much for your words of appreciation.
      Ye kuch alag baat nahiin hal,
      Chot khaa khaa ke, sabkuch samajh jaate hain,
      iseeliye ham sab kavi kahalaate hain…..!

  8. medhini says:

    Though long, it’s a good poem
    on reality.

  9. seema says:

    Nice Poem ..albeit a little long but refreshingly different>

  10. vartika says:

    :)… a smile made its way to my face from ur poem while my eyes were busy searching for more……though the poem is long but it is intersting….

    wid regards

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