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Intense Moments (31-36)

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Crowned Poem, English Poetry

No place, No time

Lips drinking sweet wine

Of sweat, breaths and anticipation.

With every touch

The sighs and the thorns

Grow on the rose

A gift of musk

A desire to make love

I whiffed his familiar scent

Ears, unused for years

The sounds of soft whispers

And hot breaths are sweltering

The man from the ice-land

Burned the princess down

With ice and innovation

Blanket of black twinkling with stars

Breeze whispering, sweet-nothing, and

What they could not say


  1. Aashish ameya says:

    very nice..u paint image nicely

  2. VishVnand says:

    Preeti, very nice indeed.
    Very different & Intense.

    Interpretation & imagery of most stanzas present rather a challenge to apprehend,
    though ultimately enlightening and joyful. Feel as if you are putting interesting poetic riddles.

  3. Aryan says:

    u’ve portrated d image wndfly…….

    nice ….aftr a long time,,,

  4. medhini says:

    After a long time, we
    meet you at the site.
    Preeti,a wonderful and
    a nice poem.

  5. ULHAS says:

    These are some good set of lines….representing the topic….put in a good rhyming scheme….

    Its good….Yes they are intense moments……

    Your thoughts have been put in to the slate properly….

    all stars….sorry…I cant rate this poem for stars…as there is some issues with the rating in my IE here…

  6. preeti datar says:

    Thanks Guys for all the comments 🙂
    Yes, I have written after a long time and the gap was due to several reasons. I do hope I can ward off the poetic block!! 🙂

    • VishVnand says:

      Poetic block gets removed automatically in due time, bringing the poet back in stream equipped with more vigor and higher capability to perform still better in the poetic field. And this is going to be evident to you & us also.

  7. krishna says:

    Very intense and very well expressed.

  8. shalu says:

    A very good poem with so much of intensity! Loved it.

  9. parminder says:

    Intense moments have been portrayed so intensely. The picture created is so clear, very nice indeed. Loved it.

  10. Mudit says:

    What could they say… And what can we????

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