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My ways and theirs

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English Poetry

Written for Idea Bank Prompt posted by Geetha. Check it here – http://forum.p4poetry.com/topic.php?id=167#post-1153

It’s been an hour
The conversation is ripe
Don’t these kids have
anything better in life!

Occupying a table
For hours together
Even after the food
and drinks are over!

The laughter pierces my ears
The celebration stings my eyes
In their chilling out attitude
My prospect of business dies!

I shift the chairs,
Take away their empty plates
Switch off fans and lights
Yet, they do not vacate.

Low on patience I speak out loud
It’s time you leave the canteen
Or in future in the canteen
You’d never be allowed!

A girl from the group
Whispers in my ear
‘Let us enjoy kaka,
for these are the years!’

They don’t seem to be fond of me
and I’m glad they got my hints
But I smile, remembering my college days
And their eyes twinkle as I let them enjoy their ways!



  1. nice!!!just loved the simplicity…beautiful n light-hearted.
    p.s-thnx for appreciatin “idea bank”!

  2. rajdeep bhattacharya says:

    nice very nice

  3. medhini says:

    Marvellous.An idea bank
    also works on its own style.

  4. Parespeare says:

    always enjoy reading your poems

  5. krishna says:

    Simple and honest expression…

  6. preeti datar says:

    Thanks Guys!!
    Do join in the pormpts at the Poetry Prompt section in the forum 🙂

  7. VishVnand says:

    A good poem no doubt. Liked the poem, feelings & composition very much.

    By the way. just a query on the following
    ‘Let us enjoy kaka,
    But I smile, remembering my college days”
    Was waiter “kaka” a college drop-out of old times and could not find any better job, or was doing waiting just for fun. There appears to be some anomaly here.

  8. geetha says:

    woooooooow!!!! really a nice one preeti.enjoyed it very much.i dont think i would have written such a good poem on him!

    just having a thought that i will post all my ideas at forum, sit back & enjoy such nice poems rather than writing !!!

    • Preeti Datar says:

      @geetha, waiting for you to post all our poems at the forum 🙂 It might inspire me to write, for at the moment (read, moment has stretched to several months now…) i’m totally de-inspired to write!

  9. parminder says:

    So sweeet! Really enjoyed reading it. Went back three decades.

  10. wooooow….
    very nice & lovely, like it every heart.

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