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Oh,My God !!!!!!!!!!

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English Poetry

In between a state of existence and non existence
I pick up my pen and write
What do I want from myself?
What do I want to write?
Do I write for myself?
Or do I write for you?
Do I write on love, anguish or philosophy?
Or do I write something new?
Do I open up my heart?
Or do I write about the fart?
Do I rhyme?
Or be just sublime?
The clock is ticking by………….

Havnt even started to write
Will I be ripped apart?
Will I get a good start?
Will I get a few tens?
Or a dozen hens?
Will you be able to sing with me?
Or read my lines and just flee?
Will I be able to give you a smile?
Or put a frown on you for a while?
Will my writing be called pure?
Or some might call it obscure?
And then
Guess what? ? ? ?
Oh my God! ! !

Ooooowannnnnnn! ! ! !
My baby’s crying….
And my not yet emerged poem is dying! ! !
To hell with the poem! !
I go flying! ! ! ! !


  1. hey…this always happens with me!I sit for four hours at a stretch,just to fill in the dustbin with my million attempts to write something good.

    this poem has something diferent,so everyone who read this-

  2. krishna says:


    A funny poem…
    But you one out of nothing…Good one..

  3. krishna says:

    Ms. Rakheja, ” A Reply” posted today was just a comment as I have explained.
    Hope you would not rebuke me for there are too many from my stable today.I thought of posting it as I felt it is current and relevant for the day…
    I am sorry if I have crossed the line…

  4. shalu says:


    I loved it , its so true we all do this some time or the other but it brought meaning to what you wanted to say!

  5. medhini says:

    Every one faces this confused state of mind at times, but, only you have made a poem out of it.I liked it very much. Cheers.

  6. parminder soni says:

    This is so simple and beautiful. States so well the mahabharata in a mom’s mind, we mums know it don’t we, but how many express it like this?

  7. sushil sarna says:

    hridya ko bhavnaon ki ghrai tk dubotee ek swatch nirmal jl ki dhara – bhut sunder-I liked it.

    Also thanks for your comments for jeevan isee ka naam hai and other poems.

  8. U L H A S says:

    There is a fast poem…….I guess you wrote it just before rushing off somwhere, nevertheless, the poem is good and have a tremendously good flow…..

    Stars added….

  9. sangeeta says:

    You have wonderfully expressed the state of mind of a writer, more so of one who is also the mother of a small baby and thus kept very busy| Indeed, a very unusual topic for a poem, yet expressing effortlessly a universal truth. Kudos to you! *****

  10. Apoorv says:

    not one of your best works but i totally know what u mean…

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