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An Empty Cup

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English Poetry


An empty cup pours out

Milk and honey, glassful

Of mountain dew, pulsating

Heartbeats in froth-fresh

Stream of love, grace and

Gratitude, making music,

Knocking stones, carrying

Colour and scent of green

Grass and trees, looking

For pools of justice,

Home of care, concern,

A kindly connection,

In wilderness of thought,

Lines of words,

Dream-like imagination,

For ever and ever.



  1. Ravinder Malhotra says:

    What do all these words mean? I’m clueless even after reading it twice over. Could someone explain…. ? I would rather call a spade a spade than lead someone down an illusionary path and let him / her think that a jumbled group of words is ‘Poetry

    • @Ravinder Malhotra,

      By the way I am Deepak Razdan as well, but I do not know the writer of the poem. I am based at Canada and do a bit of poetry and write ups as well. What Mr. Razdan has written is abstract poetry. The words or thoughts do not necessarily have to be rhyming or connected. That is the way abstract poetry is written as far as I know. Hope I am right Mr. Razdan??

  2. krishna says:

    I agree with Mr. Malhotra…

    Would appreciate if you explain for it doesn’t make any sense…

  3. krishna says:

    By the way…
    Welcome to p4poetry…

    My comment was not to put you down…
    It might have sounded harsh and I apologise for the same…
    I am sure you can prove us all wrong…
    So here’s looking for your next post…

    Please don’t mind…

  4. VishVnand says:

    Deepak ji, why not give a short footnote to the poem to elucidate.

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