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prakriti ki chamak

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Hindi Poetry

या खुदा ,

  हॅ सुहाना बडा तेरा ये जहां,

  हॅ रंग, प्यार ऑर खुशिया यहां.

  माना हॅ गम ,चुभन ऑर दर्द भी,

  भुलाकर इन्हें जीते हॅ लोग जिंदगी.

  रंग सुनहरा लिए निकले जब रवि,

  बिखेर दे सोना तब हर कहीं.

  हर सुबह लॉटाये एक जिंदगी नयी,

  लहलाए  खेत में फसले तब वहीं.

  भुलकर पतझड को,हो रंगीन जब चमन ,

  खिले हर कली तब, जीत ले सबका मन .

  देकर महकभरी मुस्कराहट ,फूल भी

  बिखेरे तब  खुशियों का दामन्.

   न जाने कहे क्या ये भॉरे,

  कान में फूलों ऑर कलियों के.

   जब  ढ्ले शाम सुनहरी,

   छा जाए सोना बनकर छतरी,

  खोजे आशियां अपना तब हर प्राणी.

  चुराकर किरण सुरज से,

  निकले चांद तब हॉले से.

  लेकर आए पॅगाम प्यार का,

  फॅलाए तब धुंधला सबेरा.

  छा गए तारे भी आसमां पर,

  चांदनी रात में बना दे चांद ,

  हर किसी को दिवाना,आशिक ऑर कवि.

                                                         राजश्री राजभर….


  1. VishVnand says:

    एक मीठी, प्यारी, सुंदर सी कविता, वाचक के मन को आल्हादित करती हुई.
    बहुत अच्छे और बहुत खूब

  2. krishna says:

    Quite good..
    Appreciating nature and its beauty…
    Different from the earlier one…reflects your versatility…

  3. arpita says:

    vah!kya kavita hai.man ko chu leti hai.yar prakriti ka accha varnan kiya hai

  4. nikunj says:

    beautiful poem well done

  5. harshit says:

    well I’am thinking i was really bad

    • rajshree rajbhar says:

      who r u n why u wrote that bad n cheap comments for me Mr. harshit if u dont like my poems then no need to read it and in future dont write any comments for my poems otherwise i will take legal action.Thanx

  6. ankita says:

    hey rajshree,
    i think its natural to be angry on harshit… but i feel art is subjective… people are free to express their feelings….
    i agree with rest of all that its indeed a beautiful poem, somewhat shows honesty and a pure & beautiful heart of a poet, hats off to u
    and for harshit: dear if u dnt like anything dnt comment, and dnt be rude.
    u have no rights to say anything to any artist. u are no critic to judge her, since u not capable of writing even few lines that rhyme, but if u r a poet then i think u are not a true artist…..
    in the end well done rajshree and i wish u all the best for ur future… U R GOOD



  7. akhil says:

    the best poem i have ever read on nature

  8. mani meghley bisht says:

    Respected mam , i’ve read your poem ‘prakriti ki chamak’. Being a girl of 14 I’m
    inspired.with regards- manimeghley bisht.

  9. this poem is fabulous

  10. pooja says:

    it is so sweet

  11. raman lal raniga says:

    राजश्री राजभर….

    वाह कितनी सुन्दर रचना
    बहुत खूब “चांदनी रात में बना दे चांद ,
    हर किसी को दिवाना,आशिक ऑर कवि.”

  12. ishu says:

    @harshit, Hi,u dont focus on these stupids,and carry on becoz u r brilliant.

  13. Paras says:

    It was briliiant poem and i like it a lot ……. It also help me for my hindi project ….. so, continue expressing your imagination and what do you feel about nature through your outstanding poems ………….

  14. jyoti chauhan says:

    I have made profile here but shows “you dont have sufficient permission to acces this page” how can i publish my poems here jyoti 9999815751

  15. mamta surana says:

    आईटी वास जुस्त अवेसोमे

  16. nidhi choudhari says:

    Yahi toh hai asli prakritic soundarya

  17. harshita says:

    hi- amazing poem r+a+j+s+h+r=ee very nice u have been great writer here …. hoping for ur good future all d best!!!!

  18. megha verma says:

    it’s a great poem done by rajshreeand i think it will help me in my school hindi project .thanks rajshree

  19. gargi says:

    nice poem!!!!
    this poem has help me to make my project.
    So, thnx a lot…..

  20. shefali gupta says:

    nce piece of work…i a will b using dis poem for my class act tnks a lot

  21. Payal chugh says:

    This poem is a beauty

  22. Payal chugh says:

    Rajshri ji i am crazy abot poem & this one o my gord so gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood! I can’t express it in words do me a favour write a poem on water for me i ‘ll be thank full to you & the guys like harshit should be beaten with a stick this for harshit if someone do this to your mother sister how much angry must be you so feel soory for your mistake payal chugh

    • Rajshree says:

      Thanx payal, I am not interested in any one to beat with stick.Every human beings are having different psychology and different view.

  23. andy says:

    very ,very good poem

  24. umang tanwar says:

    this is a very nice poem.it is also very emotional.very good.

  25. asutosh kumar says:

    i like your poem

  26. asutosh kumar says:

    first time i am reading any poem

  27. rajshree rajbhar says:

    thanks asutoshji.

  28. isha sharma says:

    its so good i like it very much

  29. arun says:

    sunder kavita hai

  30. anrai909@gmail.com says:

    aapki kavita hme kaafi pasand aae bhagwaan kren aap isi trh achi achi kavita likhkr logon ko natur ki saundrya ki trf aakrshit kre taaki logo ke mn me prakriti se prm ho jaaye tatha iske sanrakhchan me apna jeevan arpit kr de

    Aapka bahut bahut Dhnyawaad!
    Namshkaar Rajshree ji

  31. aditi sinha says:

    thank u for writing a wonderful poem on prakriti as “prakriti ki chamak” which really helped a lot in my hindi project ……… just keep on writing new poems & I’ll really read all of u’r poems…
    I really appreciate u for this poem.

  32. eesha says:

    very good written poem but the ending was not too good..

    • muskaan says:

      Its really AWESOME! And it helped me in my project.i loved it alot it shows your effection towards nature.RAJSHREE well done.

  33. AAKASH says:

    thats fabulous fantastic poem
    helped a lot in my project
    thank you very much


  34. Naisargi says:

    @Rajshreeji nice poem. I just read only 5 or 6 lines and I think that its nice poem written by you. so i don’t read whole. But i have project in which i have to collect poems on the beauty of nature in Hindi. OK then bye and best of luck for future poems you will write.

  35. techtimz says:

    Brother U have written a fantabulous poem. Great job………

  36. mann says:

    very nice poem. keep it up mam..

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