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“The Rain”

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English Poetry

“The Rain”



Brain exceeds rain  by  “B”

And what begets it is the sea.

Drain exceeds it by “D”

And there is more yet to see.

Grain with excess by “G”

The nature provides rain free.

Train trails it with “T”,

That’s a literal fuss to be

And vain is all ut supra, to prove any  plea.

“No grain without rain”

Is a phenomenon obsolete,

That’s now almost apt to delete.

The need of rain is not yet vain !!

The ocean when in motion,

The Sun when in emotion,

The former swallows the heat,

The latter creates the sleet.

It’s seemingly an eternal pact,

Subservient to Nature’s Act.

Depending wholly on rains is now extinct,

On the face of canals, dams and tube-wells

Which have subdued the rainy stint.

Crops can now be watered through drains,

Unmindful of the capricious rains

We can’t still be too much sure

To ever defer the rainy allure.

Rains, when set in, cool the brains,

Stint thereof subtracts the strains.

That’s a game betwixt natural and artificial,

But human is able to choose,

whenever, whichever is beneficial.

Yet, forget not, human being, too,  a credulous creature,

And no creature can subvert the Laws of Nature.

With a tankful of thanks to anyone decent and beneficent……

June, 24, 2008.                                           Ashwini Kumar Goswami.


  1. Rahul Pathak says:

    Superb use of the words brain , drain , grain , train . Nice imagination also . I liked your poem .

  2. Vishvnand says:

    Very beautiful, uniquely written poem full of wit and meaning.
    A very unique elegant style of writing very difficult for emulating.
    Like the poem immensely, & on reading these are my feelings

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