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Juvenile Delinquents : Symptoms or Causwe

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English Poetry

Everyday newspapers are
Column to column full,
With the stories of crime by youth
Without any lull.

What has gone wrong?
Why do they ridiculously behave?
In the land of Mahatma,
Why such state do we have?

Is today’s youngster
A born criminal?
Or is he a victim
Of neglect parental?

If they had received complete attention,
Due care and timely correction.
If they were guided with love and affection,
Would they have become persons of bad intentions?

Nobody is ever born a criminal or delinquent
If and only if their parents cared to teach them good values
These juvenile delinquents would have appeared
Once again on the frontpage, for their intelligence and flair.

Criminals are what they are called.
They starve but for love and understanding.
They may be the symptoms of neglect
But surely are not the cause.



  1. parikshit says:

    may be, it is the law of karma working

  2. VishVnand says:

    A very effective poetry, on a very important social subject, impact-fully presented. Congratulations.
    Yes, it is to be realized that not they, but we, their elders, & society/environment in which they have been brought up are totally responsible for the ills.

  3. Apoorv says:

    a good theme…. and i completely agree… they are in need of timely help more than punishment

  4. ashwini kumar goswami says:

    “Sorry ! I couldn’t digest the precept, which seems to come of any prejudice, against any particular class or category
    of generation committing crimes, which arise under provoca-
    tions due to ubiquitous disparity, poverty, injustice and
    carnal lust, hunger etc., irrespective age, caste etc.,
    notwithstanding the reality & blatant view of yours.”
    Excuse me, please….Ashwini Kumar Goswami.
    any prejudice, whatsoever,

  5. ashwini kumar goswami says:

    In my comments hereinabove, please insert ‘of’ between the
    words ‘irrespective’ and ‘age’ and delete the last line
    ‘any prejudice, whatsoever….. AKG.

  6. Thought-provoking and so true…our society,till now,has never given a though about what might have forced the criminal to do the crime.
    thanks for sharing.

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