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Intense Moments (13-18)

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English Poetry


Gun placed on the shoulder

Eyes fixed accross border

Brother sees a brother



Man and wife

False life

Silence breaks the glass



He writes for her

amidst piles of papers

dried are the flowers



Swallowed drought

rain showers

from elephant’s trunk



his kingdom

my deepest valley

and highest mountain



Pen dried

lips won-

that night


PS – I realized that I can extend this Intense Moments series to much more than just passion. Other things can be intense too. So here it goes again….with a twist in the interpretation!


  1. pvvaidyanathan says:

    Yes, you are right, it can be extended to other things too. Good one, I liked the man and wife, false life, silence breaks the glass line. There are a lot of such marriages, empty, duty bound, and dragging on, going nowhere.

  2. sushil sarna says:

    ” whatever you have written that has touched the soul of life.” very nice.

  3. vijesh bhute says:

    i think that you have expressed the facts with a grace.its so true.

  4. prem puneet says:

    प्रीति की कविता सचमुच सघन अनुभवों के पलों से बुनी रचना है। शब्द थोडे, मार्मिकता भरपूर्। Each bit of the poem impresses.Situation in life between a Husband and wife is real.”His kingdom” corelates the tragedy in relations.Pen dried.. that night and Drought are nice too.

  5. very nice….the 15th one is beautiful..

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