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Hope fanned to flames

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English Poetry

Dieing embers fanned

Into flames by you

Whilst you fly

Away so sly

As if you knew not

The havoc you created

Whilst my heart flutters

away you flitter

The shallows flying low

Smile with understanding

While my heart summersaults

With love buried into safe vaults

The keys forgotten in your pockets

How will the heart work?

Life will stand still waiting for you

To unlock and switch on my life with you…..

Hope fanned to flames……..my eyes scan the horizon for you!


  1. Poetess Malini says:

    When love is in the heart
    Life is poetry..

  2. WILFRED JOHN says:

    Dear Malini

    Your poems are great.
    nice to share

    Always together and Never Apart

    As sweet as chocolate as soft as a feather
    always there no matter the weather
    As beautiful as a rose as sensitive as your heart
    always together and never apart

    As caring as a child’s mother
    and as light headed as the child
    just always together no matter the miles.
    This is you and this is me always
    and forever in all of eternity.

    7/10/1979 /Wilfred John

    © WJ

  3. WILFRED JOHN says:

    As I lie here

    As I lie here tonight,
    trying to get some sleep.
    I keep thinking of you.

    Things are this way because,
    days we see each other are few.
    You’re always on my mind,
    no matter what I do.

    Maybe that’s the reason,
    I can’t stop missing you.
    everywhere I go,
    everything I see,
    reminds me of times,
    when it was just you and me.

    The only thing I really can say,
    is ‘I Love You.’
    It’ll always be this way.

    ©copy right 1983 Wilfred John


  4. Gion Gion says:

    what a wonderful love poem. So gentle yet passionate. A very enjoyable read this morning.
    ” As if you knew not
    The havoc you created” – great lines!
    Just 2 corrections –
    “Dieing embers fanned” – dying
    “The shallows flying low” – swallows

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